About The Museum

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As Children Play, They Learn

Children's Museum of Alamance County serves future Leaders, Dreamers, Scientists, Farmers, Artists, Teachers and Helpers across the Triad and Triangle and beyond.  Our museum is the place where children and adults learn about themselves, each other and their world through exploration, interaction and direct experience.

We consider the whole child with exhibits and programs that foster growth in physical, intellectual, social, emotional and interpersonal skills. Our exhibit environment is created from three strands tightly interwoven: appreciation of children's play behavior, knowledge of how an environment can influence play and learning, and understanding of children's development milestones.

Our Mission

The Children's Museum of Alamance County will encourage children to exercise their curiosity, develop their imagination and discover their world through exploration.

Our Vision

We provide environments where children and adults are given a unique opportunity to play and create together, promote learning and literacy through a wide array of multi-sensory, interactive hands-on experiences and instill in children a greater understanding of themselves and their world which surrounds them.

Heritage and Education

"Alamance County doesn't know what a gift they are about to give themselves," said Pat Harman of the Hayden-Harman Foundation in 2007. Children's Museum of Alamance began with the vision, generosity and guidance of Phoebe and Pat Harman.  From that initial stage and with the support of our board and community leaders, we've been able to provide an educational and interactive museum that serves children from birth to age 10, their families and caregivers by encouraging learning through creative play.

Through community grass roots efforts then and now, we strive to offer our visitors an impression of Alamance County's history, people, and culture - from our textile and railroad beginnings, significance in agriculture, the creative arts, literacy and the empowerment this knowledge can provide to our children. Children's Museum of Alamance County is a unique community museum that continues to grow based on the enthusiasms and contributions of our community.

In The Press

The Children's Museum of Alamance County gives kids and their families a dynamic, conveniently located space in which to learn and play.