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Performing and visual arts come to life!  Child-sized musical instruments lead to impromptu concerts and parades.  Paint directly onto safety glass walls of the Paint Room making designs and experimenting with color, allowing everyone outside the walls to enjoy the paintings. Watching the walls being washed by the water hose suspended from the high ceiling is fun, too!  Guided art activities, puppet theater, costumes and stage encourage children to appreciate their own individuality and appreciate the uniqueness of others.

Opportunities for Learning

Art experiences facilitate personal, social, physical, cognitive and language development. Participation increases self-expression and supports self-esteem, and allows children to understand multiple ways to communicate, solve problems and find answers.


Paint Room

In our 360-degree safety glass-walled Paint Room, children are encouraged to paint on the walls and express themselves with a variety of colors.


Puppet Theater

Children of all ages can use the puppets and costumes to perform in our puppet theater.