Making a Butterfly House

What you will need:

- Shoebox or small box

- Tape

- Screen

- Crayons/markers/other decorations

- Scissors

- Chrysalis on filter paper

- Sugar solution

- Branch

1. Cut a large window in one side of the box. Have an adult help with the cutting.

2 Draw a garden background in your house using markers or crayons. Make sure the markers are dry before you move your chrysalis.

3. Place a branch or stick diagonally across the inside of the box so the butterfly has a surface to walk on when it emerges.

4. Tape the filter paper with the chrysalis attached to the top of the box. The chrysalis should hang down in a vertical position. If the chrysalis becomes detached, lay it on the bottom of the box on a clean white paper towel.

5. Attach the screen with tape to the outside of the box (over the window). This window will also serve as a door so you can feed the butterfly once it has emerged. When not in use, keep the screen taped shut.

6. Once your butterfly emerges, add the sugar solution to the butterfly house for the butterfly to feed on.

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