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This grouping of areas introduces children to medical and biological fields through a health science lab, dentist's and doctor's offices, and newborn nursery. Lab coats, magnifying glasses, microscope, x-rays, a dentist chair, a heart machine and skeletal models offer unlimited interactive play.

Opportunities for Learning

Pretending to be a scientist may be the first step to becoming a scientist.  Role play as doctors, nurses, dentists and patients help make those environments more familiar and friendly to children.  Social and emotional growth is fostered while children practice communication skills and explore empathy.


Dentist's Office

Children can use oversized toothbrushes to clean teeth in our gigantic set of chompers, or lie back in our real-life dentist's chair and open wide!


Health Science Lab

Children can learn about human anatomy and DNA by exploring models of organs and bodies, or use microscopes to look at slides of cells.