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Whether you are the chef, waiter or customer, there is always something cookin' at the best diner in town.  Put on the chef's hat and prepare a delicious meal complete with dessert, sit at the counter on the life-size swivel stools or ring up your profits and tips.  A "professional" stainless steel kitchen complete with appliances and utensils is ready to whip up healthy local foods from the farm.  Even clean-up is fun at Jane's!

Opportunities for Learning

Jane's Café offers a great atmosphere for adults and children to play together. Children take food orders and serve their grown-ups. Imagination, self -confidence and social skills are fostered as they learn about portions, healthy meal choices, and the fun of cooking and managing a business.


Dress Up and Role-Play

Children can put on costumes and pretend to be waiters, waitresses, or chefs as they cook and serve food to all the customers that sit at the counter.


Diner Seating

After an exhausting day of exploring the museum, customers can relax on Jane's Café's comfortable barstools and order up a refreshing drink or a tasty meal.