science adventure.png

Blast off into outer space and gaze at the constellations in our 13-foot rocket ship.  Devoted to Kid-powered science, this area is made up of interactive wall installations, wacky mirrors and shelves of puzzles and books.

Opportunities for Learning

Imagination, imagination, imagination. Explore gravity and exercise problem solving skills while creating mazes for balls to roll and race down tracks and through pinwheels. Distorted mirrors are a fun method to build self-awareness...and a guaranteed way to get everyone giggling!


Ball Run

Children and their families can use our magnetic wall to create their own track for balls to follow as they learn about physics. By attaching tunnels and ramps to the wall, they can create their own course for the balls to follow as they roll down.


Race Track

Built by talented students at High School, this fast-paced Race Track provides an exciting space for children and families to experiment with speed, gravity and physics. Ready, set, go!